Kaputo Band

                  The Kaputo Band was started in month of November 2015 with only three members who occupied in high education. (Main vocalist, Cajon player, Guitarist). They got influence of Reggae and Rock music. And also followed Bob Marley, Green day, JayaSri, Chitral Sompala, Line One, Bryan Adams.
             They began their long journey from street concert in Ella town in Sri Lanka
               After that Kaputo Band performed in Ella Hotels for foreigners as their second step. They created Covers and Mashups, and published on YouTube and Facebook. Some of their Covers and Mashup were appreciated from original artists.
                Then after they had a Chance to Participate to a TV programme in TV Derana to give backing music for a folk artist in 2016 of July.
                       After that Kaputo Band was become a full band, joining with an Other member. They created a new Mashup together in 2016 of December and that Mashup was telecasted in TV Derana. They could make more fans via that Mashup.

              In 2017 0f may they had 1st TV interview in TV 1. They become this journey so far with more difficulties. But they could success their goals as they were hoped.

     They decided to published their new Mashup in March of this year. Next to that they will not make covers or Mashup further more. So that the Kaputo Band will come with their originals after that mashup.